Semalt Gives Sound Reasons To Use Twitter In Classroom

It would not be wrong to say that Twitter is one of the most popular and amazing social media websites. It is an incredible network with plenty of tools to help both tutors and students get connected.

So far, Twitter has become the most powerful social media site when it comes to business, promotion of a site, non-profit causes, events, and education. Here, Andrew Dyhan, the Semalt Customer Success Manager of Semalt, has talked about the remarkable ways to use Twitter in the classroom in a better way.

Classroom Events and Announcements

One of the best and most amazing benefits of using Twitter in the classroom is that it makes the class events and announcements easier and quicker. You can share information about the upcoming events, tests, quizzes, and everything that you feel is essential for students. You can even use Twitter to post projects, assignments, and special events online. The exam dates can also be announced through this social media site. Oldук students can get in touch with the new students, and all of them can communicate with each other through Twitter pages and communities.

Promoting Ongoing Discussions

Our teachers and students can promote ongoing discussions on Twitter once the session is over. This will help newcomers learn a lot of new things. While in your classroom, you can record the lectures and all small details and get them uploaded on Twitter. Various students who are willing to seek admission to your college can get benefited from these videos and audios. It also enables teachers to know everything about their flaws as well as the problems of the students.

Career Field Tracking

Young students who are exploring different careers and fields can find information and relevant content on Twitter. For teachers, it is very easy to share the useful things online so that more and more students can get benefited. In other words, we can say that Twitter is an excellent way to interact with your teachers or students so that you can help each other choose the right career. Through Twitter, our teachers can teach their students and share the job postings within and outside the campus so that they can submit their applications accordingly.

Creative Writing Exercises

For teachers, it is very easy to create and share writing exercises online. Rather than sending the projects to all students manually, our teachers can upload them on Twitter so that the out-of-campus pupils also learn something new from these exercises. Invite the students to participate in these exercises within and outside the classroom, and make them available on both Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you have inserted the proper hashtags in the tweets so that your content remains available to a large number of people.

Blogging and Social Media

Our teachers can teach their pupils how to earn money online through Twitter. It is a great platform to share your blog posts and engage more and more people. On Twitter, it is important to write effective stories that encourage more and more people to participate in your online and offline classes.